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Hexagon Metrology is the market leader in sensor, Software and Autonomous solutions. They aim at increasing the efficiency, accuracy and productivity with their technologies in infrastructure, manufacturing, safety and mobility applications. Their product line includes Co-ordinate measuring machines, Portable measuring arms, 3D laser scanners and other sensory instruments

Industries they serve with their technologies are aerospace, automotive, power and energy, medical, general engineering, heavy engineering and many more

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Bridge CMM

As production evolves, quality standards must evolve as well. In any industry that requires accuracy, repeatability, and automated dimensional inspection, bridge coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offer a wide choice of solutions

  • Accurate High-Speed Scanning

  • Improved Unknown Path Scanning

  • Machine Path Optimization

  • Enhanced Data Analysis

  • Automatic Power Saving


Optiv Lite

Multisensory CMMs provide unbeatable flexibility by combining the precision of tactile probing with the high-speed measuring point capture of non-contact measurement on a single system and in a single measurement run, making even the most complicated parts easier and faster to measure

  • Compact, Robust Design

  • Vision And Tactile Measurement

  • Easy-To-Use Software

  • Connectivity To Hexagon’S Smart Technologies


Absolute ARM

The Absolute Arm is an expert in increasing productivity. This is a portable measuring arm that eliminates the need for warmup and encoder referencing, as well as the ability to shift between probes and scanners without having to recalibrate

  • With The Absolute Scanner's Full-Speed, Full-Accuracy Measurement And Wide Scan Line – 150 Millimeters Wide At Mid-Range – 3D Scanning And Digitization Is Quick And Requires No Downgrading Of Expectations

  • The Arm Is Easier To Articulate Thanks To Lightweight And Durable Construction Materials, As Well As Infinite Rotation Grips At Crucial Locations And A Revolutionary Zero-G Counterbalance Mechanism. With Our Absolute Encoders, The Arm May Be Set Up Or Moved Without The Need For Any Warmup Or Encoder Referencing - Simply Switch On And Start Measuring

  • The Absolute Arm Is A Multipurpose Equipment. There Are Nearly 100 Probe Tip Accessories Available For Touch Probe Measurement, Including Straight Probes, Angled Probes, Trigger Probes, And Infrared Tube Probes, All In A Variety Of Lengths And Measurement Tip Diameters

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