Ever since its establishment in 1967, Jagdeep Foundry has developed a distinctive combination of innovation and technique that has allowed the business to accomplish numerous exceptional feats. The company has developed several special purpose equipment for the Heavy Industry with maximum efficiency. Product variants includes CNC Vertical Turn Mill Center, Vertical Turning Lathe, Plano miller, C.I Bed Plates / Floor Plates, C.I Surface Plates / Marking Table and many other equipment.


VTM/VTL Machine

Vertical Turn-mill Center (VTM) is a VTL with Ram Type, Live Tool/Spindle. In order to ease PCD drilling/tapping, slotting, profile cutting, offset boring on PCD, threading, and other milling/cutting operations, VTM table (C-Axis) shall be equipped with a servo motor. This machine is adaptable and can perform a variety of tasks on the same platform, saving time on loading and unloading and increasing productivity overall

The Jagdeep CNC Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) Machines are often used for heavy-duty, large-diameter circular turning and boring tasks that require high accuracy and precision. Machines made by Jagdeep CNC VTL are utilized to increase productivity. Designed and developed in-house for total quality control with high quality components

  • Automatic Lubrication System

  • Work Light

  • Coolant System with Tank

  • Telescopic Covers, Bellows, Machine Enclosure

  • Automatic 20 Tool Changing (***)

  • Coolant Through Spindle (***)

  • BT-50 Tool Holder Taper

  • Hydro-Pneumatic Clamping Declamping of Tool

Plano Miller

CNC Plano Miller Machine

The versatile Jagdeep CNC Plano Miller Machine is a cost-effective method for performing precise, high-volume machining on huge tasks. Using years of knowledge and skill, designed and developed internally for use in a variety of industries for milling, facing, boring, and drilling applications as required

Standard Features
  • Complete Electrical

  • CNC System with pendent Switch Board

  • One Ram Type Milling Head on Cross Slide

  • Auto feed to Ram Head

  • Automatic Lubrication system

  • Machine Light

  • All Major Parts are finished on our CNC Machines for higher accuracy

  • Machine Structure is made of Graded Casting

  • Telescopic covers for table

  • Bellow Covers for Cross-Slide