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Mikron is known for manufacturing high precision, productive and automated solutions, cutting tools and machining systems. Over 100 years of experience, state-of-art technologies have made Mikron the global leader in their industry. They are based of out Switzerland and their additional production sites includes Germany, US etc

They are the market leaders in Automotive industry, electronic industry, MedTech and Pharma industry, watch making industry and Writing instrument industry.Their solutions include assembly, integrated and manufacturing processes. Mikron’s 360-degree customer care ensures that high value-added services are provided locally with high efficiency. Manav is exclusive dealer of Mikron machines across India

More Details

Mikron MultiX

The platform for dedicated easy reconfigurable machining solutions


  • Flexible Configuration For Specific Needs

  • Simple Reconfiguration

  • Definite Technical Features

  • Different Machining Units For Range Of Sizes

  • Three Different Machine Layouts

Mikron Multistar CX 24

Parts which require perfect processing with serial production can be carried out hassle free in the Multistar CX-24. It is known for its high precision, customization, rapids and versatility. Simply the best in class


  • Serial Production Of Workpieces With High Precision

  • ± 2.5 µm Table Index Repeatability

  • 24 Stations With Up To 44 Machining Units Allow Very High Output Rate

  • Three Different Machine Layouts

Mikron Multistar LX 24

Multistar LX enables precision manufacturing of small parts in large quantities. The Multistar LX is a dependable partner thanks to its quick, nimble, and precise performance, as well as its simple and efficient design


  • High Processing Speed

  • Absolute Reliability

  • High Operating Convenience

  • Minimal Maintenance Required

  • Convincing Price-Performance ratio

Multistar NX 24

Multistar NX 24 is capable of producing complicated, high-precision components in huge quantities with a variety of similar components. If you are max. machining materials like alloy steel, brass, titanium, or aluminium? Then the Multistar NX 24 is the finest option


  • Large Number Of Working Stations: 24

  • Up to 44 Machining Machines Can Work Simulteneously, Eensuring A High Output Rate

  • Fast Indexing Rotary Table

  • Simultaneously Machining From 2 Sides Per Station: From Above, Below, Lateral Or Inclined

  • High Performance Machining Spindles

Mikron NRG-50

The rate of innovation is always increasing as a result of rapid technological advancements. The Mikron NRG-50 is a completely modular machine that gives the customer a perfect balance in terms of productivity, flexibility, and cost of ownership


  • ATS (Advanced Thermal Stabilization): All The Units Of Machine Have Thermal Stability

  • “Indra Motion MTX” From Bosch Rexroth: A Modern And Highly Innovative Control Technique

  • Index Mechanism Of The Turntable Is Close To The Machining Axis

  • CNC-Machining Units - Very Rigid And Extremely Compact Construction - Spindle Bearing With Minimal Overhang

Multistar VX-10

Six-sided machining from bar, wire, or blank, The Mikron VX is one of the world's most precise and adaptable production systems for producing high-precision components on six sides at a low cost. For the manufacturing of varied batch sizes, a full CNC high precision rotary transfer machine with 10 or 12 workstations


  • Fast Changeover By Simple CNC Program Management

  • Clamping Systems Can Be Readily Switched Up. The Clamping Position Is Measured And The Cnc Is Used To Rectify It

  • Machining Units Equipped With Vertical And Horizontal Spindles: Ready For The Production Of Diverse Parts At No Change In Time

  • Production Of Different Parts From A Single Wire Or Bar And Unloading Into An Automatic Sorting Container