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Nakamura - Tome

It was established on December, 1960 - based out of Japan.They are one of the leading Manufacture and sales of CNC machine-tools - CNC multitasking machine tools.Full support from certified multitasking machine professionals during the whole process. They support all the customers' production systems with their extensive experience and know-how accumulated over the years

Their product offerings include ATC Multitasking machines, Swing B-axis Turret machines, Multi Turret machines and single turret machines

AS 200: High Power TurnMill Center


  • With Y Axis - Stroke: 82mm

  • X-axis: 24m/min, Z-axis:36m/min, C-axis: 600min-1

  • Turret: Max dodecagonal drum turret (Max.24station) or 15 station

  • Number of milling tool (dodecagonal drum turret): 12

  • Number of milling tool (Penta decagonal drum turret): 15

SC 100: High Rigidity Compact Multitasking Machine


  • Parts Cather A with integrated parts conveyor is standard for Sub-Spindle specification

  • Z-axis travel 400mm

  • Y-axis Stroke 80mm (±40mm)

  • Floor Space2,523.6mm×1,825mm (Standard Specification)

  • 7.1/2.2kW Milling motor, Max Spindle Speed 6,000min-1

  • 7.5/5.5kW Sub Spindle(op.)

SC 100X2: Fast, Rigid, Compact Multitasking Machine


  • Y-axis Stroke 80mm (±40mm)

  • 11/7.5 kW L-spindle motor

  • 7.5/5.5 kW R-spindle motor

  • 7.1/2.2kW Milling motor / Max. speed 6,000min-1

  • Turret Hand Unloading Gripper on Lower Turret