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Haas Factory Outlet - A Division of Manav Marketing has been a market leader in delivering world class CNC equipment from past 30 years in the whole of south India. Haas is recognized as the largest machine tool builder in the world and is known for its Innovation, Durability, Efficiency and Esteemed solution for manufacturing Requirements.

Haas Automation provides you best solution for your milling needs with their board range of products which includes VMCs, HMCs, Five axis mills, Mini mills, Super mini mills and many more. Know Details


Ethereal machines are known for their customer centric approach while manufacturing CNC machines. They provide Low-cost, High performance and User-friendly CNC machines with High-Tech Innovations. They are the leading manufacturers of Compact 5 axis Machines in India. Know Details


KAFO has captivated High-end Tech innovations and capabilities from past 50 years. KAFO is known for its accuracy, efficiency in double column machining. Having established as a well-known brand in India, they have a vision in expanding global layout centered in Taiwan Know Details



Haas’s complete line of CNC turning centers are rigid, compact and Durable for all kind of shopfloor workload. They are designed to meet the needs of Dynamic Industry now and in the future. Manav enables your turning needs to be carried out with high precision by providing World class Haas lathes and excellent Local service and support.

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Wirecut / Die Sinker EDM


With almost 3 decades of EDM development and manufacturing experience, CHMER has developed highly reliable and user-friendly CNC controller and state-of-the art EDM power supplies. Chmer is the market leader in south India for its Quality, High Performance and competitive price Know Details



Established in the 1950s, they are recognized as An Experienced Grinding Machine Manufacturer with Extensive Expertise. Integrating the profound industrial experience in Taiwan and the US market, e-tech has built a comprehensive grinding machine database, providing professional services for users of grinders all over the world. Their products range from cylindrical grinders, Centerless grinders to Surface grinders and many more. Manav ensures these machines are easily accessible for all its customers across India Know Details



With an idea to develop solution to manufacturers with a need for automation or rationalize their production process, Fladder manufactures denibbing, finishing and deburring system. With more than 40 years’ experience in industry, they are the best-in-class equipment for your needs. Manav is the exclusive dealer of Fladder machines in India Know Details

High Precision Rotary Table


RPI UK has a long-established reputation as a major supplier of high precision rotary table products. RPI UK Ltd has become a leading supplier of precision rotary tables and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inspection products. RPI's calibration and inspection products are designed to provide new levels of accuracy, flexibility, and performance across a wide range of applications
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Precision Measuring Instruments


With more than 20 production facilities and 70 Precision Centers for service and demonstrations, Hexagon enables customers with actionable measurement information from development and design to production, assembly and final inspection. Hexagon Metrology offers Portable CMM's, Stationary, Bridge, Gantry, Horizontal arm CMM's, measurement robots, optical and multisensory systems
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Mikron is one of the world's leading manufacturers of customized, high volume automation solutions for high-precision components. More than 400+ machines have been installed in India. Manav is the exclusive distributors of Mikron machines all over India Know Details