CNC Lathes in South India: A Guide to Choosing the Right Machine for Your Needs

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Did you know that more than half of the revenue in machining market is obtained from CNC cutting machines. Know more about Industry, types and Various technology in India in this article.

India’s Machining Industry

In the upcoming years, India’s machine tool industry is anticipated to grow rapidly, with a major fraction of that expansion coming from South India. The Indian machine tool market is positioned to take a leading role in the manufacturing and consumption of machine tools. The CNC metal cutting machines contribute around 65% of the total revenue generated in the machining market. Haas machines are renowned for their ability to cut metal accurately.

Types Of Industry

All manufacturing-related industry sectors are based in India. Automotive, Aerospace, Tool and Die, and General Engineering all make significant contributions. There are also other industries, such as the medical sector, heavy engineering, defense, capital goods, and consumer durables. Haas automation is a key market player in aerospace, automotive, general engineering and many other industries.

Types Of CNC Machines

There are numerous types of cnc technologies that benefits the machining industry. Some of them includes vertical machining centers, turning centers, Wirecut EDMs, Grinding machines, Deburring machines etc. Other techs include linear rotary transfer machines, Inspection and precision measuring instruments etc. Check out some of the technologies available here

Haas Machines In India

There are currently more than 12000 machines in India covering all the states across the country. Haas machines are quite prominent in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Madya Pradesh and other states. More than 4000+ Haas machines can we found exclusively in South India. These machines acquire all the sectors of machining industry.

Technology Variety In Haas

Haas Automation are one of the largest machine tool builders. They are known for their rigidity and reliability. Various technologies Haas has acquired in India includes Vertical machining centers, Turning Centers, Horizontal machining centers, Rotary tables and Automation systems. We hope this information has given you a better knowledge of machining industry and a basic idea about Haas automation in India.

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