Mikron – High End Transfer Machines

Mikron is known for manufacturing high precision, productive and automated solutions, cutting tools and machining systems. Over 100 years of experience, state-of-art technologies have made Mikron the global leader in their industry. They are based of out Switzerland and their additional production sites includes Germany, US etc.
Manav Marketing is the authorized distributor and service provider of Mikron Switzerland AG Transfer machines in India.


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Multistep XT 200: Cost Effective and High Precision

The Multistep XT-200 modular high-precision machining center stands out as an exceptional productivity system!
Its unparalleled modularity and flexibility are highlighted by the capability of up to 4 independently operating spindles and the availability of up to 144 tools, ensuring outstanding versatility. An optional high-frequency spindle caters to high-speed machining needs.
The Multistep XT-200 can be upgraded with additional machining modules (ranging from 1 to 4) to accommodate future production increases with unmatched precision, eliminating the need for an extra loading/unloading module.

Features and Specifications

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Mikron MultiX

Platform For Dedicated Easy Reconfigurable Machining Solution.

Discover unparalleled productivity with Mikron MultiX, the groundbreaking rotary transfer machine acclaimed for its remarkably adaptable technical capabilities!

Features and Specifications

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Mikron Multistar CX 24

Precision, Speed, And Versatility For High-Volume Production.

Parts which require perfect processing with serial production can be carried out hassle free in the Multistar CX-24. It is known for its high precision, customization, rapids and versatility. Simply the best in class.

Features and Specifications

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Mikron Multistar LX 24

World’s Fastest Rotary Transfer machine for high-volume production.

Multistar LX enables precision manufacturing of small parts in large quantities. The Multistar LX is a dependable partner thanks to its quick, nimble, and precise performance, as well as its simple and efficient design.

Features and Specifications

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Multistar NX 24

Batch Production Made Easy

Multistar NX 24 is capable of producing complicated, high-precision components in huge quantities with a variety of similar components. If you are max. machining materials like alloy steel, brass, titanium, or aluminium? Then the Multistar NX 24 is the finest option.

Features and Specifications

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Mikron NRG-50

Precision meets Flexibility and Productivity.

The rate of innovation is always increasing as a result of rapid technological advancements. The Mikron NRG-50 is a completely modular machine that gives the customer a perfect balance in terms of productivity, flexibility, and cost of ownership.

Features and Specifications

HAAS Automation

Milling Center, Lathes, Mold Machines, 5 Axis Machines, Rotary Tables


CNC Wirecut, Drilling, High Speed And Die Sinker Edms


High Performing
Double Column Machining

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The G6’s ideal blend of speed and precision makes it a prime choice for job shops and production lines aiming to enhance their machining capabilities. It offers high material removal rates, superior surface finishes, and optimal production efficiency.

Features and Specifications

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